Walker River Cooling and Nevada Fresh Pak
Walker River Cooling is a joint-venture between Nevada Fresh Pak, a Peri & Son’s Farms company and The Nunes Company. Located in the Mason Valley of Yerington, Nev., the 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art cooling and distribution facility is the only facility of its kind in Nevada and changes the face of one of the largest commercial produce growers in the State.

With the completion of the new facility, the two companies’ are now positioned to expand growing capability and cool more produce in a faster, more efficient way. This means fresher and longer-lasting produce for the supply chain and ultimately for consumers. All steps to get produce to market now happen in Yerington while maintaining the company’s commitment to sustainable farming practices that meets the highest environmental, social and economic standards.

The cooling facility began its 24-hour per day service in mid-May at the beginning of year’s harvest cycle. With more than 80 plus years of combined industry experience, The Peri and Nunes operations offer a level of expertise in growing, harvesting, cooling, sales and marketing that is unsurpassed. The large commercial operation produces more than 25 million pounds of organic baby greens and 40 million pounds of organic fresh vegetables servicing retailers, processors, wholesalers and other buying organizations throughout North America.

The new facility employs approximately 20 full-time personnel. Together, Peri & Sons Farms and Nevada Fresh Pak, represent the largest private employer in Lyon County, currently supporting over 220 full-time diverse positions including specialists in the areas of agricultural science, engineering, manufacturing, and business and information technology. The company also supports a seasonal work force of over 1,400 full-time employees. Based on recent economic impact studies the company’s direct and indirect impact on the economy in Northern Nevada now exceeds $150 million.

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Peri & Sons Farms
Peri & Sons Farms
Growing Better in Every Way, Every Day
Peri & Sons Farms passionately grows distinctive, superior-quality, fresh and delicious onions all year round. Our success is the result of hard work, integrity, continual improvement and innovation, and a genuine commitment to consistently providing produce with the most value at the least cost to the environment.

It’s our passion to grow and market superior produce, using the most innovative, sustainable farming processes and programs and continue and build upon our family tradition of providing unparalleled service and support to our customers, employees and partners.

We hope you will look for our onions in the produce sections of your local grocery store or wherever you buy quality produce. If you have any questions about our onions or an experience with our onions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your support!
Yellow Onions
Wonderful Whites

White onions were the first crop that David Peri planted when he started Peri & Sons Farms. Now, almost 40 years later, David’s Nevada-grown whites are a highly sought-after onion in the produce industry. David believes that the unique conditions in Yerington, Nevada ― our warm, dry days and crisp, clear nights ― help to give our onions their unique pearlescent coloring, globe shape and firm feel.

In addition to being beautiful, our white onions are full of flavor and surprisingly, they generally taste sweeter than most Spanish yellow onions. When stored properly, these onions will have a long shelf life. Use them in ethnic, stir-fry and casserole dishes as well as salads and salsa.

Don’t miss our recipe section where you can find lots of recipes that feature our white onions.

Yellow Onions
Yellow Onions

As the end of summer approaches all of our fall/winter onion varieties reach maturity and the harvest begins. In the same way that our California-grown onions grow to a specific sun pattern, our Nevada-grown onions are called “long-day” onions because they are planted in the spring and their growing patterns are matched to long days filled with sunshine.

The difference in growing times and seed varieties result in a difference in the onion’s characteristics. Our fall/winter yellow onions have beautiful, hard, shiny, copper skins and when stored under the right conditions they are known for their exceptionally long storage life. In some circles, these onions are even called “storage” onions.

Yellow onions, no matter what season they are grown, are by far the most popular and versatile variety of onion all across the world. In fact it’s pretty difficult to find a recipe that does not include this wonderful variety.

Make sure to visit our recipe section to find dozens of recipes that feature our yellow onions.

Yellow Onions
Radiant Reds

We don’t think we are being too boastful (okay, maybe just a bit) when we say that you won’t find better-looking, better-tasting red onions than the ones we grow. Their nice globe shape and vibrant red outer skins make them beautiful to look at, but more importantly, they add a burst of flavor and bright color to a wide variety of fresh dishes.

Don’t be fooled into believing that the shape of an onion has an impact on its taste; that is just not true. While some farms grow flat-shaped onions, we prefer to grow globe-shaped varieties. We love the way our globe-shape onions look and feel. They tend to have firm interiors with bright, red-rimmed, inner circles that make them a culinary delight.

A red onion’s flavor and texture are best experienced when eaten raw, mildly-grilled or broiled. Its beautiful color and spicy flavor fade when overcooked, so we don’t recommend them for slow-cooker dishes or stews. Try them in leafy green salads, pasta and potato salads and on cold and grilled sandwiches of all kinds.

To find lots of delicious and creative ways to use our red onions, please visit our recipe section.

Yellow Onions
Sweetie Sweet® Our Sweetest Onion

If you are an onion lover looking for a truly sweet onion that rivals any other on the market, look for our Sweetie Sweet® onions. Uniquely bred and grown by us, our special onion is only available from July through December.

We hope you will look for our Sweetie Sweet brand in your grocery store when possible. Sweet onions typically cost a little more than yellow onions, but knowing what to look for will help you get your money’s worth. In general, true sweet onions will have thinner skins with an overall marbleized coloring of light gold and tan. In comparison, regular yellow onions have thicker, harder skins that are more uniformly a medium brown color.

This link will help you to learn more about our Sweetie Sweet onions. And our recipe section offers a wide variety of recipes we’ve enjoyed that feature sweet onions.

Yellow Onions
USDA Certified Organic Onions

Long before there was an “environmentally friendly” movement, our family had a proud history of respecting and nurturing the land. We’ve always known our passion for growing and marketing delicious, healthy onions could only be fulfilled by taking care of our precious resources - our land, water and air.

We’re excited that more and more consumers are choosing organic produce as part of a healthy lifestyle and a growing awareness of the importance of protecting our natural resources. All varieties of our onions ― white, yellow, red and sweet ― are also grown under our USDA Certified Organic program. Year after year, our organic onions continually meet/exceed National Organic Program standards in accordance with USDA and EU regulations.

This link will help you to learn more about how to make sure the produce you are buying is organic. We hope you will visit our recipe section where we share a wide variety of healthy recipes for all types of diets and tastes.

Yellow Onions
Mild/Sweet Yellow Onions

You’ve probably noticed displays of sweet onions in your grocery store and as an ingredient in more and more recipes. In the past, the most recognized sweet onions came from Vidalia, GA, Maui, HI or Walla Walla, WA, but nowadays sweet onions are widely grown across the U.S. and are no longer limited to one season. At Peri & Sons, we grow a couple wonderful varieties of sweet onions ― our mild/sweet yellow onions and our proprietary Sweetie Sweet® onions.

Some people say a flat onion is a sign of a sweet onion, but in truth, the shape of an onion has nothing to do with the flavor of the onion. Shape is a product of the variety and nothing more. An onion scientist once told us that the spiciest onion he ever tested was flat and the sweetest onion he ever tested was round. In the end, an onion’s taste is the result of a complex mix of variety, location, weather conditions and farm management.

When selecting sweet onions, look for clean, light skins with no signs of bruising, nicks or cuts. Fresh sweet onions should not have a pungent smell and avoid onions with dark or powdery patches as these are an indication of mold that will spoil the onion quickly. Choose sweet onions with tightly closed papery dry necks; not necks with thick or woody centers. Sprouting is an indication of age and poor storage so pass those by.

Peri & Sons Farms
Use the Right Cut

Certain cuts of onion are better for certain recipes. Use the guide below to make sure you’re using the right cut for your recipe!

Use the Right Cut of Onion

Yellow Onions
Yellow Onions
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